Portrait - caricature  surprising gift

                             By master from Poland

                                                    Artist Maciej Szproch from  Poland offer:


                                  caricatures as gifts   :

  her are samples portraits-caricatures for surprising gift ,

                     you can get own portrait-caricature ordering by email  :                              



Portrait - caricatures


digital painting                                                         pastel painting                          digital painting


        pastel painting                               digital caricature ( is good  for  professional printout)                  watercolor






drawn in charcoal                         drawn in pencil                              drawn in charcoal                               during the event

Team caricatures


pastel painting                                                                               pastel painting        




pastel painting                                                            pastel painting                                    pastel painting    


drawn in pencil                                  drawn in pencil                                                                  drawn in pencil       

                             you can get own caricature ordering by email  :     airportrait@yahoo.com


Caricatures for people in love




    drawn in pencil                                    drawn in pencil                                   drawn in pencil                                      drawn in pencil


pastel painting                                  pastel painting                                          pastel painting                                 pastel painting   



 you can get own caricature ordering by email  :     airportrait@yahoo.com




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and many  other caricatures which you can create with me